Cave Hominem Unius Libri

“beware the man of one book…”

Welcome to my little contribution to a world of readers. More and more in this world I begin to fear those who do not read. Another proverb, ignorance is bliss, has been taken too much to heart, I think. Language, its mastery and weaving, is one of the gifts of the universe to mankind. Storytelling for pleasure as well as learning one of the greatest evolutions. If I learned anything from my undergraduate degree in English, it is that reading and writing can be tools that lead to a greater understanding of humanity, and to a greater understanding of the universal truths that bind humanity throughout the centuries. While the world has gotten infinitely more complex, for all it’s simplifying, this, I think, has not changed.

Join me as I read, and (hopefully) discover truths, one book at a time.