Ioana Visan’s Broken People (Broken People 1)

4 Stars

Broken People is an original and engaging narrative. Somewhere between fantasy and dystopian fiction, this story was a great read from cover to cover. In a world where war has ravaged the land and robotics technology is the present and the future of the human race, the adventures of one man, and a circus, may hold the key to winning the war. The Nightingale Circus, which hosts a myriad of characters with special powers and abilities, and it is those powers and abilities that lead to a resolution.

The only drawback to this story, is that the back story of the war and the parties involved and how it began, is quite vague. It proves to be a fairly major element in the story, and it is never really explained. In addition, I think there will be a sequel (at least) to the book, however that is not really clear either.

Regardless, Broken People was a fun and interesting read!

Published November 2014 by Smashwords Edition





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