Daniel A. Dennis’ Sins of the Father (Fate’s Haven 3)

3 Stars

This book had me very intrigued. The “world” built in the story is relatively unique, cohesive, and believable. This version of a dystopian reality, where privatized military corporations and the remnants of national government battle for survival in a world ravaged by engineered population controls and lack of resources, is interesting and well-thought out. Characters singled out for their genetic mutations and ravaged by scientific experiments are compelling. There is a gripping story arc, complete with complex plot lines and character interconnectivity. And, the writing is a good mix of action, dialogue, internal monologue, and description.

However, the reason I give it 3 stars instead of 4 or 5, is that the characters are, for all their interconnectedness, relatively one dimensional. in addition there are regular and recurring typos and grammatical and syntactical errors.There are also jumps and gaps in the narrative that disrupt the story.

In short, it is a 3 star book with (with a good editor) 5 star potential!!

I would definitely read more books by this author.

Published March 19th 2015




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