Medici’s Daughter: A Novel of Marguerite de Valois by Sophie Perinot

4 Stars

I absolutely loved this book! As a fan of historical fiction, particularly historical fiction that centres around the medieval or Renaissance periods, I always look forward to any new read. That said, I have, at times, been disappointed. Not so with this book. Margot the Duchesse de Valois is a very engaging character. While the narrative and the emotions of the characters may at times jump from impossible to possible,  in ways that had me a little disrupted, the writing had enough grit to pull me through. The absolute reality of the romance was especially nice to read; that is, romance as it existed in a space where marraige was a contract and where, particularly as royals, people and marriage were pawns in a larger political sphere and so constrained. The historicity was exceptional, and even the (what seem to have recently become almost obligatory in many media interpretations of medieval and Renaissance royalty) incestuous implications (which often have me cringing a little at their shameless shock and awe attempts) were well done and fluid with the rest of the narrative.

All in all, a WONDERFUL book.

Publication December 1st 2015, by St. Martin’s Press



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