Frankenstein Underground TPB by Mike Mignola. Illustrated by Ben Stenbeck and Dave Stewart

3 Stars

While I love comics, I did find it very useful to have, when in the somewhat new position of passing public judgement, to have a collected version of the Frankenstein comics to peruse. Not unlike the Prometheus collection from the same publisher previously reviewed on this blog, I felt that this allowed me to have a more exapnsive entry point into the narrative, a larger space between the interweaving of image and text to access. A somewhat unique take on the Frankestein legacy, (though not, unfortunately, in the instance of conflating the scientist with his creature) this mythological adventure shifts and amalgamates a few aspects of legend, enough so that you almost (I repeat ALMOST) neglect to notice the anachronisms, and misrepresentations of mythical fact that tended to pull me out of the story. I found the mythology used to be derivative and often pale imitation. However, this was not enough to completely remove me from the narrative. I found the rapidity and speed of the pacing particularly engaging, I never felt like I was waiting for the next thing, or hung over a cliff of suspense which was wonderful.

In addition, the art is absolutely gorgeous and works very well within the narrative intent of the story, regularly pushing forward when necessary and pulling back when the narrative text requires precedence.


Published December 8th 2015 by Dark Horse Books



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