Crystallum by Laney McMann (Primordial Principles 1)

3.5 Stars

This book was a great read. The characters were strong and interesting, the plot was clear and well-written, and the pace was steady. There were some rather jolting jumps in both the movement of the plot (felt like an editorial issue) and in the logic of the world building and fantasy elements, but not enough to stop the reading being enjoyable. I really liked the universe of the books (think Mortal Instruments with cool twists) in particular, the method of rolling out this particular reality. By slowly introducing the mysteries that encompass the world of Primori and Primeva, and unravelling even deeper secrets through government conspiracies as the story moved along, the writing kept the story from stagnating into teen angst and new love and generic good vs. evil. I found some of the romance elements to be a little stilted in places and a little over-sensualized in others which felt disruptive to the narrative tone of the book. That said, I really did enjoy the story, the ending had just the right amount of suspense, and I am VERY much looking forward to what happens next, hopefully with a tighter edit, in book two.

Published November 30th 2015 by Booktrope Editions



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