The Six Wives of Henry the VIII by Alison Weir – Narrated by Simon Prebble (Audiobook)

5 Stars

As part of my new love affair with audiobooks, I picked up this wonderful history book. it was clearly written and very detailed. The narration was great, and I learned a ton. I am so excited to read (or listen to) more books by this author.

Starting with Katherine of Aragon, the (mostly) chronological review of the life and loves of Henry VIII King of England is detailed and well-written. While the historicity is clear, the narrative and voice of the story are built in such a way that the reader (listener) is not overwhelmed by fact and date and those other elements of historical writing that can discourage the more casual lover of history. I particularly enjoyed the way the story focused on those aspects surrounding the way in which Henry himself, built the narratives of his wives to both lift them up and bring them down.

The narration was well-paced with clear indications of breaks and pauses. The voice was modulated and the vocal indicators for quotations and other intrusions was obvious and maintained the flow of the narrative at the same time.

All in all, a fantastic experience!




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