Poet Anderson: The Dreamwalker by Tom DeLonge Illustrated by Djet, Eds. Ben Kull & Mike Kennedy

4 Stars
What a wonderful space to spend an hour in! The art is fantastic, clean lines and a unique style that also masters the elements necessary to combine word and image into a clear, precise and engaging reading experience. It is tempting, when thinking about how to explain this book, to talk in terms of world-building, of fantasy, yet that is not quite right. I find myself instead compelled to discuss it in terms of imagination. It was as if the time spent reading the book, was time spent inside another’s imagination. Perhaps it has to do with the narrative. Two brothers find themselves awake in a world of dreams. When others sleep they live (through mystic oils and other paraphenalia) in an alternate reality, a reality where dreams and nightmares and evils are very much alive. But, I beileve that to be an oversimplification. The narrative and artwork establish and maintain the logic of this space so well that the experience is layered. One is the world of the story, the world of dreams and waking. The other is the imagination that developed and created the space where art and language combine. While a somewhat odd feeling for me when reading a graphic novel, it was not at all unwelcome.

The logical consistency of the narrative is, as I said, amazing, the plot and characters however, did fall a bit short. I found the plot to be rather basic and paced oddly, and the characters were not very well developed. That said, I have high hopes that both of these concerns will be remedied in subsequent adventures of Poet Anderson and as an overall experience it definitely earned its 4 stars.

Published December 22nd 2015 by Magnetic Press Inc.





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