Curio by Evangeline Denmark (Curio 1)

4.5 Stars

Awesome. Just awesome. This book is one of the best books I’ve read in the past year. Original, well-paced, and thoughtful, I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent in Curio. Part post-apocalyptic dystopia, part steam-punk fantasy, this story is quite the adventure. Following the heroes Grey and Blaise as they navigate their families’ histories, rivalries and secrets across two very different worlds, the characters and twining narratives set up what is bound to be a fantastic series. In Mercury City, the tyranny of the Chemists represses a population too down-trodden to fight back without the aid of those stronger than themselves. In Curio City, the tyranny of beauty leads to rebellion in a space of magic designed as a prison yet morphed into a space with a life, society, and culture of its own.

While engrossing and, as I wrote before, and will just one more time for good measure, awesome, there are some little details that pulled me away from the story. In particular there were times when the motivations, reactions, and behaviours of the characters (Grey mostly) rang false, or changed too rapidly to be believable based on the character development up to that point. This led, at times, to a feeling of authorial intrusion or perhaps, maybe, just a sacrifice of the character’s integrity for the sake of moving the narrative along. This is what pulled the book back from being a 5 star read. That said, I heartily recommend this book to everyone, and I cannot wait for the next instalment!

Published January 5th 2015 by Blink





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