Sabotage by Priscila Uppal

5 Stars

Uppal’s voice in this collection is utterly unique and utterly compelling. Dark, with a depth and wry recognition, self-awareness at its height, of how very dark, and how very dangerous that darkness could be. These poems invert expectations and are often shockingly funny. The glorious range and array of allusion and engagement with culture, both contemporary pop culture and the nuances of an Arts education (mass media, literature, current affairs, philosophy, critical theory, political insights) are wonderful and function, in one way, as connective tissue throughout the collection.

In addition to allusion and dark humour, are moments of heart-rending confession. A bald and bold honesty that, while inciting empathy, do not veer into the path of inciting pity, self-pity or a desire to engender pity from the reader. This collection is exquisite and I absolutely recommend buying it, reading it, studying it, and grappling with it again and again.

Published April 15th 2015 by Mansfield Press



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