This is me, day one of a Masters degree in publishing. Now here I am on the other side (almost) of that degree and, while still dubious, I am also excited about working in the current  industry. I believe in the joy of reading, and I also believe in quality writing. While the current influx of books in self-publishing and fan fiction, amongst other venues and avenues, have flooded the market with options, it seems to be harder than ever to know what to spend time reading. And so I decided to join my voice in with the many, many others, to wade through the some of the piles and offer honest reviews. I harbour no misconceived elitist notions about self-publishers, or fan-fiction, retellings, or genre fiction. I will read just about anything, with one caveat…quality of writing is EVERYTHING! Check out my review policy for basic guidelines.  Any questions? Contact me.